An Introduction

The point.

For better or worse, disease touches every stage and facet of our lives; it affects how we live and interact with others. In this blog I will explore the intersection of disease and society. Each month gets its own theme, as follows:

  • January ~ novelty
  • February ~ love
  • March ~ combat
  • April ~ economics
  • May ~ language
  • June ~ family
  • July ~ wildlife
  • August ~ art
  • September ~ education
  • October ~ exploration
  • November ~ agriculture
  • December ~ religion

I will post a minimum of twice a month: the first post will highlight a disease associated with the theme of the month, and the second will discuss a topic related to the theme. I will aim to keep the posts short and sweet, and will also post sporadically about other relevant articles, books, and issues.

The person.

What I am: I’m currently a PhD student studying disease ecology.

What I am not: I am most certainly NOT a doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, dentist, chiropractor, naturopath, or any other kind of medical practitioner or student of the great science of medicine. While all the information I post will be based on the best information I can find, none of it is intended as medical advice or diagnosis. 

One thought on “An Introduction

  1. Suzi, I am Betty Bonner’s school friend in Kinston. I also visited Bradford with 5 others a few years back. I am so interested in what you are doing. Please, please keep me in the loop, as you young people say. Best of luck to you. Love, Anne Johnson

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